Halb Vier #6

Halb Vier

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Halb Vier Issue Six – The new has just been released. Spread over 80 pages including our new blackout cover, which includes the following articles;

Steven Palmer - Die Mannschaft XI
A look at the best eleven from 1990 to the modern day

Antony Shields – Echte Liebe
When Antony played for and against Borussia Dortmund

Roberto Brambilla - DFC Prag, 125 years full of history
The story of a historic club reborn in 2016

Chris Law – You’ll Never Waddle Alone
Ente Bagdad is a hobby club that cares just as much about social commitment as it does football

James Gowland – The German State That Once Had Its Own National Team
The state of Saarland and their footballing history

Einar Haar Dyvik - Everyday struggle in the 3. Liga
VfB Lübeck’s and the challenges of everyday life in Germany’s unglamorous third tier

Rick Joshua - Being an FC Bayern München fan in the UK in the 1980’s
How Andy Gray still gives Rick sleepless nights 36 years later

Andrew Craston - Who’d want to play on the “Field of Death”?
Schleswig-Holstein’s most successful amateur side and their cup exploits

Dave Braneck - Viktoria…Big in Berlin
The sudden rise of Viktoria Berlin

Alan Deamer - My stadium is bigger than yours
Alan keeps his cards close to his chest

Jason Law- Leverkusen, a home from home
How Jason developed a passion for German football

Stephen Brandt - Jay who?
When Jürgen Klinsmann played (really) lower league football

Paul Jobson - Wir sind Leeds!
An ode to Leeds with a German twist

John Shenton - SC Preußen Münster - von Perth an die Hammer Straße
A love affair from afar

Denis Hurley - Die trikots, die sie trugen
The story of Schalke 04 through their jerseys

Feargal McEvoy - Glückauf-Kampfbahn Gelsenkirchen, October 1965
A step back in time

Peter Miles - Southend United in Berlin
Southend United’s pioneering visit to Berlin in 1910

Sascha Kruppa - Once upon a Time: TSV Vestenbergsgreuth
The footballing equivalent of winning the lottery

Kenny Legg – Ellenfeld
A story of Borussia Neunkirchen’s wonderful stadium through the camera lens

Gerry Farrell - Winding down the golden Dynamo
The Stasi, whiskey and football behind the Iron Curtain

Feargal McEvoy - Origin Stories: The Pioneers Who Took Football to the World
A review of Chris Lee’s recent book


17 x 24 cm
80 pages
May 2021