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Death of a Football Club?: The Story of Cork City FC: Season 2008

Neal Horgan

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From the publisher:

The Fall, Death and Rise of Cork City FC: Book 1

When private equity fund Arkaga suddenly remove funding from Cork City FC, author Neal Horgan and his fellow players are caught completely unawares.

...the radio announces, “Cork City FC is looking to go into examinership, with reported debts of up to €800,000.” I park my car and walk into the dressing room. As usual, Mick Devine, the club’s number one goalkeeper for the past eight or nine years, is also early. He’s sitting alone on the uncomfortable, two-plank, low wooden benches that seem to encircle most dressing rooms. I tell him the news.
“For f***’s sake,” he says, dropping his newspaper. He stares up at me blankly.

As various interested parties emerge to take over the club, the players don't know who or what to believe.

...I enter the dressing room to find the boys discussing the current situation. Gamble says, “This is the same b****cks again. I need to know.”
I tell them the Gaffer’s going to talk to us about it, at which point we get a call to come out onto the pitch. “Well, lads, here’s what I know. Tom Coughlan is going to take over the club, and the rumour that he wasn’t was only a smokescreen.”

Enter the dressing room. Walk down the tunnel with the players. Step onto the pitch and into the noise of the crowd.

Can the players and fans unite to keep the club alive? Find out by exploring, 'Death of a Football Club?' today!

The author:

Neal Horgan is a Practising Solicitor living in Cork City and a regular contributor to the Irish Examiner's sports pages. Between 2000 and 2015, Horgan played 15 seasons with Cork City FC in the League of Ireland, winning every major trophy and playing in every European competition available. A self proclaimed 'conservative full back' in his playing days, Horgan admits that his books have been influenced by a diverse range of influences including Eamon Dunphy's 'Only a Game', 'A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch' by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and 'Catch-22, ' by Joseph Heller. 


20 x 13 cm
230 pages
September 2014