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Buenos Aires: A Journey into the Soul of Football

Hardy Grüne

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From the publisher:

Buenos Aires – Eine Reise in die Seele des Fußballs

Buenos Aires is the world capital of football. A metropolitan area with a population of 13 million, whose love of football is not just spread across Boca and River, but across a total of 82 professional and semi-professional clubs. Football thus divides the huge region into manageable chunks, because each district has its own club with its very own charisma and, of course, its own stadium, called Cancha.

Football world traveler Hardy Grüne went in search of the soul of football in this endless juggernaut. Attended games, visited stadiums, strolled through barrios, talked to fans and residents about football and the love for your own club. His reports and pictures give insights into the diverse world of football and life in Buenos Aires and illustrate the immense importance that football has, especially in the poorer districts.

On 208 pages and with over 500 illustrations, it takes the reader and viewer on a journey into this unique world of football, which of course stops at big clubs like Boca and River, Racing and Independiente, San Lorenzo and Huracán, but also in areas like Claypole, Florencio Varela or General Rodríguez leads, where lower-class teams often play in front of impressive backdrops.

There is also a “Brief History of Football in Argentina” and a historical journey through the development of the unique and not always easy fan culture on the Río de la Plata.

Message from Stanchion:

Please note that the text is in entirely in German, with no English translation available.


21 x 30 cm
208 pages
Approximately 580 photos
April 2020