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The Gladbach jersey: From 1900 to today

Stefan Appenowitz, Matthias Gorke, Stefan Hermanns

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From the publisher:

The outfit of the foals

A journey through time into the jersey history of Borussia Mönchengladbach - from its foundation to the present day. The authors explain the colors, designs and fabric composition of the jerseys. They offer insights into the cooperation with outfitters and shirt sponsors and in interviews former players talk about their own experiences in the shirt with the diamond. The focus of the book is on the numerous jersey stories from over 120 years of club history, which revive personal memories for every fan.

The author:

Stefan "Steve" Appenowitz (born 1969) works in marketing as his main job and has been writing about sports, music and media since his school days. In 2018, his book Bundesliga-Trikots von 1963 bis zum Zeit about the history of jerseys in the Bundesliga was published. He came to Borussia through his Viersen relatives on his father's side, who gave him Borussia fan articles every year at St. Nicholas' Day. Stefan's hobbies are all topics related to outfitters and jersey sponsors, which he also primarily devoted himself to in this book.

dr Matthias Gorke (born 1969) holds a doctorate in geoscientists and works as a freelancer in the IT sector. Matthias has been infected with the Gladbach virus since the mid-1970s. After winning the 1995 cup, he started collecting Borussia jerseys. His web gallery www.AlleBorussenTrikots.de has been online since 2009. In addition to many jerseys from his own collection, Matthias collected many other jerseys from Borussia's stock and from fellow jersey collectors for this book and took care of the photographic presentation of these. In addition, with his specialist and detailed knowledge of the jerseys, he is an indispensable partner for his two co-authors.

Stefan Hermanns (born 1970) has been living and working in Berlin for twenty years. He is a sports editor at the Tagesspiegel and mainly reports on football. In 2012 his book “Gladbachs Giganten” was published , in which he portrayed 75 Borussia club legends.
Born in Mönchengladbach, he was born six weeks after Borussia's first championship title. Stefan's contribution to this book is extensive. He penned the introductory text, the major interviews with Matthäus, Kulik and Hochstätter, as well as a large number of jersey stories. With his experience as an editor, he is also an important advisor and first editor for his two author colleagues.

Note from Stanchion:

Please note that this book is written entirely in German with no English translation available.


Die Werkstatt
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