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Generazione Wunderteam: The Rise and Fall of Austria's Wonder Team

Jo Araf

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From the publisher:

Generazione Wunderteam is the enthralling story of the Austrian national football team of the 1930s, an innovative side that dazzled Viennese crowds and sparked a new-found passion for football both at local and international level. Although the Wunderteam was short-lived, this squad led by Hugo Meisl, one of the most prominent figures in European football, proved hugely influential. Vienna quickly became - along with Budapest and Prague - one of the world's football capitals and the birthplace of some of the greatest players of the era, including Matthias Sindelar, a centre-forward whose fame transcended football, and who was often compared to Mozart and other Viennese celebrities.

Sindelar died in suspicious circumstances at age 35, after defying the Nazis. The book takes the reader on a journey through that forgotten era, examining the genesis of Hugo Meisl's side, its key figures, the historical vicissitudes of the inter-war years and the most important Viennese teams of the period.

The author:

Jo Araf has a lifelong passion for writing. He works as a translator and owns a translation agency. He is also co-owner of the online sports magazine Gameofgoals.it. In 2019, he released his first book on the Wunderteam to resurrect a remarkable but little-known tale that combines two of his greatest interests: football and history. This is the eagerly awaited English translation.


22 x 14 cm
271 pages
July 2021