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2 Bags of Sand #9

2 Bags of Sand

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From the publisher:

36 pages of 2bos, an FSA Fanzine of the Year 2021 Nominee, released just when the Greens are riding the crest of a wave of great form..

Articles include: a written guide to the Shaggervan of Love, yet more breaking and topical news, HMS Away Form, a look at a classic game of snakes and ladders, the must-have toy of Christmas 2021, a cheap joke at Macc's expense, the closest thing you'll get to an acceptance speech from me, a guest submission from the SHAG fanzine of Wrexham, the latest installment of Koral's Shorts' 'Noir'thwich thriller, another former player in a fruit hat, and, because I almost broke my laptop when I was publishing it, typos!


15 x 21 cm
36 pages
November 2021