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FC St. Pauli album: Unforgettable sayings, photos, anecdotes

Christoph Nagel

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From the publisher:

Sayings and anecdotes about the neighborhood club? That can be cheerful ...

FC St. Pauli, the most successful unsuccessful football club in the world: it may never win a championship trophy, and yet it is loved by many millions. His skull is worn at music festivals like a band t-shirt. International camera teams come and go in his office and try to find out the secret of "the most rock'n'roll club in the world" (FourFourTwo / UK).

FC St. Pauli is a magnet for people, just like its stadium and its world-famous district. It wins hearts and strains nerves, but one thing it is never: boring. In its more than 100-year history, it has literally attracted crazy stories and striking characters.
This is her »family album«: a brown and white treasure chest full of humor and emotion. Funny sayings and short information alternate with entertaining anecdotes, enriched by a large selection of unusual photos. No matter where you open the volume first: There is always something to discover.

The author:

Christoph Nagel lives and works as a freelance author in Hamburg and Lavenstedt. With the official FC St. Pauli anniversary chronicle. In 2010, the historian nominated the book for 'Football Book of the Year' from the German Academy for Football Culture.

Message from Stanchion:

Please note that this book is entirely in German, with no English translation available.


Die Werkstatt
20 x 13 cm
160 pages