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Beyond the Turnstiles

Leon Gladwell

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From the publisher:

A thorough and valuable tribute to the accidental beauty of football architecture - Bob Stanley

Leon Gladwell has spent a lifetime travelling to over 2,000 grounds capturing every aspect of the beautiful game. From top divisions around Europe to non-league clubs here in England, from the glamour of the Premier League to the understated beauty of a game on the village green, he's seen and photographed it all.

This collection of nearly 500 photos over 270 pages takes you on a tour through the heart of modern football - the highs, the lows, the players, the fans, the volunteers and much more besides. In a world of change, football remains a constant and this book a roadmap.

Featuring companion essays from Stuart Roy Clarke, David Bauckham, Jurgen Vantomme, Pete Miles, Vince Taylor, Mike Latham, Mike Amos MBE, and Stuart Fuller, this is a beautiful look at what lies Beyond The Turnstiles.

The author:

Leon Gladwell has now watched football at over 2,000 grounds around the world and has been taking photographs along the way since he was 16. This is his first book.


25 x 25 cm
280 pages
November 2016